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    Private and Custom Airbrushing Classes with Toronto’s top makeup/visual artist and instructor, Dorota Buczel

    If you are interested in learning the art of airbrushing, Dorota will make your learning easy, informative and enjoyable.

    Instead of large groups, where the entire class moves along at the speed of the slowest learner, private or small group lessons ensure that you yourself walk away with the instruction and information you desired and paid for. You won’t have to waste time and money learning things you really are not interested in and have no intention of doing. In a one-on-one setting, all the attention is on one thing – you.

    You don’t need any previous art experience to learn to airbrush.

    Dorota offers private and custom airbrush classes for both beginner to advanced students and everyone in between. Day, evening and weekend classes are available to suit your busy schedule. On-going support is also available to all students to ensure that they maintain their learning momentum.

    The skill of controlling an airbrush is the same, no matter on which of the following surfaces you choose to paint on:

    • Canvas
    • Paper
    • Cars
    • Wood
    • Wall Murals
    • T-Shirts
    • Motorcycles
    • Furniture
    • Food
    • Clothes
    • Boats
    • Sports
    • Equipment
    • Signs
    • Logos
    • etc.

    Once you learn how to use the airbrush correctly, and which paint goes with which surface, the creative opportunities for you are endless – you can paint any image on any surface!

    You’ll expand your artistry, get incredible results and save time!


    I took several different airbrush makeup classes in the past and I must say Alchemy Center’s airbrush course was by all means THE BEST! In just a few days I have learned so many new techniques which were not taught to me before. The classes were small and personal, the course was very dynamic and fun! Dorota went the extra mile to help me with my personal challenges. Even after the course she has been amazing with answering all my questions. Learning with Dorota gave me the confidence and inspiration to go out there and be my very best! I’m so grateful I took this class.

    R. Kowalski, Makeup Student

    I first booked Dorota from Alchemy Center for my Birthday Make-over party to teach me and my friends some makeup tricks! Everyone loved the class and finally learned how to do their own makeup! Since then I enrolled in personal tutoring with Dorota which got inspired to complete my makeup artist certification! Dorota motivated me to follow my dreams no matter what, she taught me the latest makeup techniques and how to be successful in my business. I finally left my corporate job to pursue my true passion – makeup. Dorota was always there for me. She is a master teacher and coach, she brought out the artist in me!

    S. Clarkson, Makeup Student

    I was lost coming out of makeup school with no direction or motivation. A friend of mine recommend Alchemy Center for additional airbrush training. Since taking their airbrush makeup course I got inspired to get better and offer my services to clients. I worked with Dorota from Alchemy Center on polishing my skills and on my business plan. Since my private training with her, I moved to Dubai and opened my own spa! I’m forever grateful to Dorota for the incredible coaching and strategies to help me build my business and thrive!

    L. Matillo, Makeup Student


    Airbrush Beauty Makeup Techniques – Schedule Coming Soon!
    Airbrush Makeup and Body Art Techniques (Advanced) – Schedule Coming Soon!
    Eye Makeup Techniques – Schedule Coming Soon!

    Fall/Winter Semester 2022 – Schedule Coming Soon!

    Airbrush makeup is revolutionizing the art of makeup application. Dorota’s Level 1 Airbrush Makeup Techniques Course is an introduction to state-of-the art skills and techniques in flawless airbrush make-up applications for day, evening, bridal, HDTV, fashion and editorials. You will learn how to choose an airbrush that will give you the best results, what brands of makeup work best for specific types of looks as well as basic tattoo coverage. This course emphasizes hands-on practical care and maintenance of airbrush equipment, dexterity exercises, theory and practice.

    Course fee includes materials, equipment, products and supplies
    Cost: $500 (50% deposit required upon booking)
    Private Training: $600
    Duration: 2 days
    Location: Alchemy Center, Toronto

    • You will be required to bring a model to practice on the 2nd day

    In Dorota’s Level 2 Airbrush Makeup Techniques Course you will expand your existing airbrushing knowledge and techniques with a variety of high-fashion editorial and trendy looks for face and body. This course emphasizes hands-on practice and detail work. You will also learn how to combine airbrushing with body painting, create various fantasy looks, make shields and stencils and apply temporary tattoos. You will also expand your expertise in highlighting and shading the body and learn innovative airbrushing rendering techniques to achieve desired results.

    Course fee includes materials, equipment, products and supplies
    Cost: please inquire (50% deposit required upon booking)
    Duration: 2 days Location: Alchemy Center, Toronto

    • You will be required to bring a model to practice on

    This innovative and informative bridal workshop is perfect for airbrush makeup artists wishing to expand into having a bridal makeup business. You will learn everything you need to know about doing flawless, long lasting airbrush makeup for brides, mothers and bridal parties including color theory as it relates to choosing the right colours for multiethnic skin tones. You will also learn how to market yourself, create and run a successful and profitable airbrush makeup bridal business.

    Cost: $250 (50% deposit required upon booking)
    Duration: 4 hrs Location: Alchemy Center, Toronto Pre-requisite – Airbrush Beauty Makeup Techniques

    • You will be required to bring a model to practice on

    This incredibly versatile tool can be an asset in every artist’s toolbox. This one day workshop will accelerate the skills of new airbrush artist exploring the different types of airbrushes, maintenance, air sources, safety issues, painting surfaces, preparation, colour mixing and airbrush media. You’ll learn how to airbrush correctly to achieve various effects and maximize output using the ideal air pressure specific to any application.
    As the workshop progresses we will explore the art of stenciling, masking, shading and highlighting for dimension and blending and layering colors to build a dynamic and balanced composition. You will also learn how to create quick and easy scenes from scratch in a matter of minutes using shields, templates and various freehand techniques. The possibilities are endless!

    Course fee includes materials, equipment, products and supplies
    Cost: $350 (50% deposit required upon booking)
    Duration: 1 day
    Location: Alchemy Center, Toronto

    Save money, time, learn what you want, learn at your own pace, learn from the best! Dorota will design your custom makeup program and help you polish your skills offering her expert advice and sharing her secrets to a successful makeup career.

    Cost: $100 per hour or $400 per 5 hour session

    Beginner makeup workshop designed for anyone who would like to learn how to do their own makeup or improve their current makeup skills. You will learn latest tips and techniques on how to enhance your beauty and individual style with makeup, makeup theory, skin and colour analysis, best products for you, expert advice on makeup and skin care, order of application, day/evening makeup transformations and much more…..

    Cost: $80 Please note that this workshop can be taught on-location.
    Min # of participants is 4

    Classes are on-going so enroll now! Call 416-838-9837 for more information.

    *Please note that the above airbrush makeup courses are intended for practicing makeup artists who wish to upgrade their skills for professional development or individuals who wish to learn airbrush makeup for personal purposes. Successful completion of this course does not grant you the license to practice makeup artistry professionally.